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affiliate program

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Become an affiliated partner

Most people who connect to the Internet own a computer, and many of them also own a printer.

Perhaps you already know that a printer is a voracious consumer of ink, cartridges and paper.

These consumables must be replenished regularly.

So here we have a market that is more than vast, one that grows and grows as new net users continue to arrive.

If you are a webmaster, each one of your visitors can bring you money!
For every one of your visitors that buys from us ( we will pay you 9 % of the total sum (excluding tax) of the products purchased. In the computer domain, the percentage is more often around 3%.

Each customer you sponsor is a lifelong customer.

Crab Chemical UK Company ?
In France, the Crab Chemical company leads the market in cartridge refill systems, thanks to its exclusive system. With this procedure, you can save up to 50% on the price of cartridges. In our online shop, we also propose compatible cartridges up to 30% cheaper, laser cartridges up to 20% cheaper and special papers. We are specialists in computer printer consumables and we can provide solutions for 80% of currently available makes and models. All articles are in stock. An order placed before midday is delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Once again: we propose a commission of 9 % on sales generated by your site.

How does it work?
You have a website. You register yourself as an affiliate and your place the HTML code bearing your affiliate number on your website. Each time that someone clicks on the banner, they will enter our shop. If this person then places an order online, you will be credited with the sale and will receive a commission of 9 % of the total sales amount excluding tax.
The procedure is entirely automatic.

With the first purchase, the client automatically creates an account which allows for example the tracking of orders. The account also contains the sponsor's identity. The sponsor receives 9% commission each time the account is used for a purchase.

It is possible to place the code on several pages and thereby increase the number of visits.
It is even possible to create a special page for our products.

By joining this new affiliation programme, you can sell several types of product using the same affiliate account:

You can create the link to the opening page without knowing the HTML
simply by a "copy-paste" of the code provided on our page.

If you have any problems creating this link or any suggestions, please
contact us: contact center

Note: We strongly advise against the use of spamming or junk mail, in other words, sending tons of messages by email without the consent of the recipients. If we should become aware of a partner using these methods, we will terminate our partnership.

Our programme is not compatible with X-rated websites.

Requests unaccompanied by the address of the affiliate or the address of
the website will be automatically rejected.
Accounts remaining inactive for several months will be closed.

To close your account, simply erase the field "your website"

Account keeping
Accounts are processed once a month, between the 1st and 10th of the
month. The first payment will be made starting at £20 (33.39 euros). You can consult
your account
. If the amount is less than £20, it will be added to the
following months. These commissions are considered as sponsorships;
under no circumstances will payslips be issued. A company can issue us
an invoice for the commission.
Cheques are in Euros.

What must I do?
We will provide the banners and the HTML codes to be used. There are no costs for opening a file. You can choose the banner which best suits your website. All you need do is copy some lines of code.

How do I begin?
You need to open an account by registering with us. You will immediately
receive an ID number, password and the HTML code at your email address.
It's as simple as that!

Lost your password?
Click here and type in your email address. You will immediately receive your password by email.

How to contact the person in charge of the affiliation programme?
by writing to this address contact center

Protection of privacy
All information collected on this server is confidential. Under no circumstances will we sell, exchange or loan your personal details to others.

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